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remember most USB are 5v not 12v

As strange as it may seem, that's not true any more Smitty. Especially for Apple or USB C or USB 3.0 devices. They are variable from 3.3 to 20v or more believe it or not, and ask the device what voltage it wants.

If the USB device is older, and ignores the request, the charger will default to 5v for backward compatibility. It's very sophisticated these days.

It all happens automatically when you plug a device in to a charger. So most people still think it's all still 5v.

Using my usb power meter, I'd say most new USB C devices use 9v at up to 4 amps.
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I'll just say what no one is saying, the ebay item is listed as total output of 36watts, the way these devices work is they can't be overloaded and if you plug multiply items into it, the overall output is split in some ratio over the ports, it even says usbc is just 20v 1.5a, so 30watts for USB c port. The chargers I have all work like this so the high numbers are misleading.

The other way to know is simply by the DC wires, they are the weakest link.

Really I hate to say it but these types are a bad idea, first 36watts isn't great, this kind of mount offers no easy way to update. I'd reco a dedicated hd ciggy socket and wack a baseus or other brand socket into them, they are now up to 100watts for two USB ports and can be easily swapped out when a newer better one arrives.