Full Time Position with 4wd TV / YOUR4X4


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Hi All,

There is currently a full time position based in Melbourne available for a trainee editor/camera person with Backyard Productions (the team behind 4wd TV and YOUR4X4).

This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a successful and growing team and work within an industry that you love. Job includes normal office hours plus some local, interstate and overseas filming opportunities on weekends.

Job will suit a school leaver who is a 4wd enthusiast with good to excellent computer skills. All editing and camera training will be provided. Ability to work both as part of a team and independently is required and reliability and punctuality are essential.

As well as producing YOUR4X4 on Foxtel and 4wd TV on CTV, Backyard productions are also responsible for many of the industries training, sales and promotional DVDs and videos. Gain invaluable experience in TV production, work with 4x4 industry leaders and play 4x4 and more all day long.

For more information or to apply please email simon@4wdtv.com.au

Danny Sparks-Cousins


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Thats ME!!! Except the punctual bit.

Go on you young blokes. What an opportunity! Get into it!!!!


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Would have been a good job to have up here or at the new place but not moving to Melbourne. Like the place but the weather changes to quickly for my liking. Great shopping and coffee shops as far as the eyes can see.


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Sounds like a great opportunity! I would love to jump on board - a couple of years to late for me though i think...


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Unfortunately im stuck up on the Goldy...stuck is probably the wrong word..but would love to give it a go if it was closer!! Melbourne is like the UK but downunder....cold and rainy!! 4 seasons in one day!!


[/QUOTE]Melbourne is like the UK but downunder....cold and rainy!! 4 seasons in one day!![/QUOTE]

Melbourne is COLD,but not rainy.Stayed at Portarlington (east of Geelong) for 3 months,last winter & it didnt rain much at all! It was very dry.:confused:
& yes it was blooooody cold,especially when going for a surf.:eek:
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