Fuel Consumption Rates



'02 3 ltr Patrol with 6.5 mtr Off road Roadstar caravan.
We tour for 3 to 4 months a yr every yr and have done so with this rig since new.
so mileage a good average.
I'm an ex trucky Heavy Haulage so not heavy on boot.

Patrol at road speeds. Not normally on Vict or NSW hills.
Primarily S.A Qld. and Territory.

by itself with small load in back (fishing) Av 9-10.5 KMPL 100/110 road speeds.
I've had 910km's out of primary tank alone, normally go 800.850.
and done over 1200 on combined tanks (125ltrs).

AND. 173KMPHr. when newer on Garmin GPS. (Missus driving)
I woke up once and caught her on 140 with van on up in Territory a few yrs ago passing a road train cattle convoy
7 Road trains. She cleared with them on radio first.
She was a lead foot then at near 60. now nearly 70. she's no better.
in her Honda Civic R.

With van on back and 3.75 tinny on roof.
Av 5.6 to 6.5 KMPL at road speeds mainly. more if slower traffic. less if hills
or head/side winds.
But basically around the 6.2/4 KMPL.

Bar. winch. Snorkel. Chip. 2in lift. Set up for cruising.

New owner wrapped in it his missus says.

It's more economical by itself than my later model D.Max is. Chip. 3in exh. and decent shocks (EFS)
I get 8.5/8.6 KMPL with that at road speeds Top up today 8.6KMPL for 1/2 tank..
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