Front Recovery point on Holden Rodeo '05'


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seeking advise on best way to either strenghten existing front recovery point (manual only recommends use if on all 4 wheels). the exisiting front recovery point is simply the factory tie down point.

we have received some contridicting advise :-
1)weld a new recovery point to the chaise.
2) bolt a recovery point to the chaise
3) strengthen the existing recovery point
4) buy a front bull bar.

feedback received for the above options:-
1) we have been told don't let anyone weld anyhing to the chaise as this will weaken it - dangerous
2) stil seeking somewhere which will do this without combining with welding
3) any recommendations as to how and where
4) 2 places and a few drivers have advised against this option as you will tear the bull bar of the front of the car...

Help.... to much advise and overloading. we require assistance from those who have resolved this or experienced this....

people who we have consulted are ARB, TGM and a couple of experienced 4wd owners.