From Brisbane to Perth ... by 4x4


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Hi Mates...
In a few months I will move from Brisbane to Perth ... ...
I plan to drive my Pajero, so if anyone have informations and tips...
please help me...


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Hi Ricardo.

Looks like you have a great drive to look forward to. I just punched the two ends in to Google and this is what it came up with.

from: Brisbane QLD to: -32.026706,115.894775 - Google Maps

This would be the shortest route, distance wise, or close to it. It gives you about 230km of dirt along the Darling River between Bourke and Wilcania. It is a drive I am looking forward to one day. Apparently a nice trip.

But to save time, if that's what you want, it is actually quicker to go from Bourke down to Cobar, along the bitumen, and then to Wilcania on the Barrier Highway. I have done this a couple of times and it is a really enjoyable drive. Lots of feral goats along the side of the road - all different colours! Also lots of trees, both between Bourke and Cobar, and then to Wilcannia.

Cheers, Millsy.
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I suppose when you are moving you have not got time for an adventure, but you could head out through Dalby, St George, Cunnamulla, Innamincka and pick up the Strezlecki track which will get you back on the main route at Adelaide.