Fridge wiring size help please!


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Have enjoyed reading this thread, and have a simple (I hope) question along the same theme - If running 6B&S cable down to the back (Prado 150) with the intent to terminate at a 6 way fuse block - to run a fridge, a couple of cig points, USB etc - what lugs do you use to terminate at the fuse block? Asking as most fuse blocks I've seen only have a 4mm stud, and I can't find a cable lug that accepts the cable, and has a 4mm mounting hole. I'm still a novice at this, but I'm old enough to take whatever answers come my way. Thanks.
4mm stud? I doubt you will find a terminal ? with a 4mm stud hole that has 6b&s directly up it's hiney.

?1: 6mm hole and a washer. [10/6, i think? or thereabout]
?2: another stud any size of your choice, then bridge to the 4mm with suitable terminals/wire to fit both. or a piece of copper with holes drilled to suit, can be copper pipe mashed flat with hammer. can also double as a future take off point.
?3: 3/8ths copper pipe [not easy to find, but not impossible] make your own terminals.


Top right is an example of connecting 2 different size studs with a piece of copper, then using a bridged stud as a multiple takeoff point, it overcomes finding odd size terminal mount holes to wire size. :cool:


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Another simple solution - thanks for that. 30 - 40 yrs ago I would have done something like this to get me going with gauges, stereos etc in a car - you just forget once you stop playing.....