Fridge prices - ohhh my!

Karl Fehlauer

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I have just replaced my 10 year old Waeco 110L fridge / freezer with a Bushman's 85L upright fridge in the rear of my Navara D40.

I did this to remove some weight (the fridge slide) plus due to having a bad back it was becoming more difficult to operate the fridge slide.

The Bushmans 85L fits perfectly in the canopy and the amount of both weight and space savings is amazing.

The new Bushmans was about $1600 to buy - I know there is a King's version but I won't buy their stuff.

I went to fit the Waeco 110L in my campertrailer but it was too tall by 10mm :(:(:( - so I sold it and the fridge slide and with that money I bought a Brass Monkey 95L Dual Zone for $825 from RTM - the similar size in Engle and Dometic was around $1600.

It fits nicely in the campertrailer and so far is working great and I can't fault it and SWMBO loves the extra fridge / freezer space.

Some images below of the Bushmans in the rear of my Navara.



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I’ll be organising a new fridge in the next few months. I’ve got my eye on a 56L Dual Door Snomaster. They seem to be a solid fridge.