Fridge in Steel tray?


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Hey team,

You guys usually solved all my questions so I thought I might aswell ask away with this one!

Just wondering how anyone has secured their fridge to their tray without having a canopy. I stumbled across this post on another forum. Looks like an awesome idea!

UTE Fridge box and canopy @ ExplorOz Forum

Look forward to hearing the different responses :)

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Yeah Fazz, a similar thread came up here a while ago . . .

The only thing I'd be concerned about still is proper ventilation.
Maybe along with a vent (as described on the Explore Oz post and seen in the Earth post above), and power to the fridge, you could fit a 12v fan to draw through airflow.
Not for so much when moving along, there should be some airflow then, but for when stationary at camp.


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Thanks very much for that mate!

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