Fridge cable dramas

I would try and find a way of raising the anderson plug
perhaps some stick on velcro on the back of the plug and on the inside wall below the window
that way it will always clear the rail


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hi all. Looking for solutions to a problem.

I have a fridge on a slide and the fridge lecky cables keep getting caught at the back of the slide rail. When I then pull the fridge out, the cable catches and gets cut up and ripped.

See snaps

Any suggested ways to hold the cable up out of the way?
I used to run mine over the handle which kept it clear. Different fridge though, so don’t know if the cable is long enough.

Another option which may work, bend the end (last 10-15mm of a cable tie into a square u shape, and feed that carefully through two of the slots in the vent and tie the cable off that.

Id steer clear of the stick on cable mounts, they don’t last long, especially in hot environments.


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Not sure either will work. It’s a drop slide so tying to the vents means longer cable as the vent comes out, then down and away. Need much more cable.

Same issue for moving plug to back of cargo barrier. Need more cable.

I guess I can do this but due to voltage drop, I’d rather a solution with current cable lengths.

Anyone else?


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I use an ocky strap between the fridge and the back of the track and the cable is tied to the strap with cable ties. Been like that for 10+ years never had a snag since, easy as...


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I have mine hanging with a bit of bungee shock cord like you use on a Ute tarp
It holds it up off the floor away from the slides and then stretches when I full out the fridge.


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I first thought a spring out of Grannies old roller blinds, but then I read this idea was superceeded by bungee cord, damn 21st century ideas.
if you are missing Duck Duct tape? I would like to add some Black Sikaflex it wont help your cable getting snagged, but it will get on your sleeve, then transfer to your pants and if you really lucky you can get some on your door trims as well. No job is complete until you have black sikaflex on every thing.

Welcome :D
Thx all. Sounds like the answer lies in occy straps and cable ties.

Who'd have guessed!!
I'd secure end of occy strap high on cargo barrier and use it to pull cable back when fridge is slid in.
Make sure occy strap's other end is secured to the cable to ensure it cant move.
If using the cable chain: hunt down some super flexxy cable if chain is operating with a tight radius.
I have a similar setup and had the same issues but now I've run the power cable up the inside of the drop arm to the bracket that holds the C clip and then looped the cable around it. Initially it was all held in place by some adhesive smart small cord tabs from Bunnings but most of them dropped off so now I've added a couple of electrical ties to help hold things in place. The flat cable used by Engel certainly makes things easier as it fits nicely between the arm and the fridge. I'd post some pics but its too hard now with Photobucket.