Frew River Track NT.


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I will be visiting the Davenport Range National Park in the NT in a months time. Has anyone driven the Frew River Track? and how difficult did you find it. I have extensive experience in the Vic Alps and other at times technically difficult areas but everything I read about this one says it is very hard. How have others found it?




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Hey Col,
We went through there back in 2013 (see trip report: 2013 Central Australia Touring Trip Report).

Here's a Triplog of where we went: 2013 Central Australia Triplog - HEMA
We came up off the Sandover Hwy from the south into Davenport Ranges. We did to the Frew River Track and I didn't think it was hard at all. Rocky - yes; slow - yes. We only stopped 2 nights there. One night just on the edge of the NP and one at the Policemans Waterhole. It was VERY windy at the time and therefore very dusty, so we didn't stay long and headed out the following day...

With your experience, you will have no worries at all..... Looking forward to reading about it and seeing the photos :)


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Thanks Rob,

How difficult something is, is certainly relevant to experience etc. I had heard reports of how hard it was but to others they may not have found it hard at all. Conditions change all the time so thought I'd ask. Thanks for the heads up, I will be coming in from the south as well and plan to stay a night or so at Policemans.
I will check out your report and trip log and of course will be posting reports from what will be an epic 5 week trip in due course.

Cheers, Col.