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K&N air filters, i,ve used them on petrol engines, and seemed to be a good investment, now owning a 4.2 turbo intercooled diesel/gas, some mechanics don't speak highly of them, they spoke of power loss and didn't say too much.
I'm not sure, due to the fact I don,t trust many of them.
Anyone with an oiler using an K&N, let me know of your reports, if been dynoed, that would be excellent input too.


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Ive used K&N air filters before ,as long you dont over oil them they are fine .
And depending where you go 4x4ing if in real dusty conditions and over oilled the air filter will become blocked but just carry a spare simple .
No dyno figures sorry , but after fittign a few to mostly diesels after a few up grades carried out customers were wrapped with the result .


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My brother has a K&N in the Landcruiser which has the 1HZ engine (no turbo) and he says that it goes alot better than with the standard filter. Like the others have said though, just don't over oil them.


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4wd Action, Roothy's beast Milo has a K&N last time I saw it. You can email him and he will reply. I use a K&N in my Prado v6 3.4L petrol


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Depends greatly on the conditions you are going to be driving in and as all ready pointed out oilfilled are fine as long as they arent over oiled, otherwise performance can suffer . I run both but in different conditions .

Where there is a possibility of of the filter getting damp as in deep water crossings ( don't kid yourself that having a snorkel is going to stop that from happening, even the best sealing compounds let go every now and then )then I will use the oilsponge setup as the paper tpe will be rendered useless if it gets wet . However in dusty conditions the paper element is easily blown out each day with a tyre compressor whereas the oil filled takes quite some time to do.

The jury is still out onwhich is the more effective cleaner - both have their place .