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Hey Sandy Jeep, that is different, It is a Jeep thing :)

Yes sad that these things get out of hand every now and then, but I have read all of the posts and it appears some people just took things the wrong way and it got out of hand from there. Sad to see, but it happens.

4x4earth was set up as a family friendly forum to help new and experienced 4WDers explore our magnificent country.

One of the great things about 4x4earth is that in general most people are free to express their ideas and to ask "stupid questions" without fear of being inundated with flame attacks. I asked a question on a different forum a few weeks ago and received a few interesting responses and I thought how refreshing it is to not have to put up with that sort of stuff on 4x4earth.

So, play nice - as most people do, and respect everyone's opinions.

I don't really want to talk about it any more, I want to talk about Stocktons Beach, busted clutches, great driving at Barrington Tops (did anyone say mud?) and another trip to NSW mid year :)



PS Thanks to the mods for keeping things on the straight and narrow as well as could be expected.


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you clearly are talking about the mud thread, if you read the whole thing befor it got deleted you will see me + a few others where only stating our opioions about the discussion and some one could not accept that? this whole male female thing is a croc i dont care what sex the person behind the keyboard was only trying to explain im OVER MUD (thats ME, NOT YOU NOT ANY ONE ELS) then getting called a soft 4x4er so on so fourth.

i dont even care this whole thing has been blown out for nothing, she decided to leave well thats her choice,, i think if any one read the whole thread like i did from scratch, its plain and simple, we said our bit and some people couldnt handle it.

time to grow up and get over it.

its a forum people say there bit, only 1 person took it to heart and started attacking.
i feel sorry for croozer and allanmac who are copping it for nothing, i dont know them from a bar of soap but it was not there fualt at all....

if people find it easyer to blam me croozer and allanmac go for it..
its only a forum ill get over it /.:)

Thanks Phil.

I must admit, I did enjoy this forum, as there were no 'big noters' here, unlike other forums etc, & was a source of very good information & had a friendly atmosphere...:D

By the same token, I will say I was most pissed off that my & Croozzers posts were deleted because we took exception to comments re; 'soft 4wders'. In this case I must say the mods over reacted & IMHO was just to passify a certain person, who I have been informed, has caused an issue in the past. Whether that be true or false, dont really care.

BTW Phil, have been giving your trip some thought & will be in touch later today.

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Maybe it's time this and the other thread were locked, I reckon the whole thing's been done to death by now.
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