Freedom Camping/Tents


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I have been checking out the Freedom site and evidently Freedom Camping has closed.
They say on the site that they will be back as Freedom Tents in two months,reckon I've
been checking longer than that.Anyone up to speed on what's happening?
Heard good things about their tents and am keen to check them out.


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They had originally intended to close down at the end of november.

Thats what it said when i last looked at the website.

Maybe they have gone for good.




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Freedom Camping's Canvas Touring Tents are the best in Australia IMO.

It would be well worth your time watching ebay for a month and if you get lucky one that suits you will come up.

Failing that, you should look at Southern Cross Canvas. Same big dollars that the Freedom ones were, not quite as nice IMO, but a hell of a lot better then anything found at Anaconda, Rays, BFC etc... absolutely no comparison.

It is a real shame the way Freedom Camping has gone, their 'closing down sale' lasted about 12months last year as such every time we went in there the story and date had changed.



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Freedom still available

I was talking to Ken from freedom camping that I bought my 1 minute tent from at the caravan show at Caulfield racecourse . He told me that he was offered a very good price for the shop in Elizabeth st Melb so sold shop site . We bought our tent 8 years ago and enjoy the speed that you can erect it . I know others like other brands , so to each his own .