Free Standing Tarp Poles

Hi guys,

I am just looking for a bit of a tip here.

I am just running a tarp and on the end side I have two poles, which is standard I believe. I would like not to have to tie down rope for example and I am looking for some sort of metal base you could just drop on the ground, like a square with a cylinder you could just slide the pole in so it becomes free standing ?

Something like gazebo legs you can fill with water but a lot smaller, does anyone have any idea ?



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There are some poles that have a small base with a hole that you hammer a tent peg through. The main problem is it doesn't stop the tarp lifting up off the pole in wind, also no where near as stable than a guy rope in windy conditions (they actually still say to tie down in windy conditions).


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Get a couple of meter lengths of steel rod/concrete reo-bar and drive them into the ground with a hammer, then slide the poles over the top.


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I would think the average pole is too light to reliably support horizontal loads. They are designed to keep the tarp off the ground, so the majority of load the pole takes is vertical. You tie from the top so the horizontal load is only along a short section, ie: the solid pin.

I would think.