Free Garmin Topo maps


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Yeah I got their email , anyone know what the Garmin topo maps are like
now that Im rid of the VMS piece of junk , I might look for something else


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I was looking at a demo of it, and it looks pretty good. It was only showing me a section of Tasmania, so I have no idea what it missed, but it had sheet loads of tracks covered...

Without having an area I have other maps for, or know, it's a bit hard to tell, but from what I saw, it looked good.


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I have the garmin 2011 topo maps that can with my Oregon 450! Maps are good quality and have Most of the tracks on! Like any maps you get it's to be expected that it will have some track that don't exist anymore and some that arnt on them. Over all I think they are a good set of maps!


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I've found these mapsets pretty handy for the Garmin gps's and best part they are free.

Even dug out my old 2006 vintage Quest and loaded the latest openstreet maps which so far has covered all the 4wd tracks we have driven from the Dirty Weekends book.

Openstreet Maps ( good offroad coverage)
Open Street Map Australia

Mainly for mountain bikes but lots of offroad tracks listed. – Mountainbike and Hiking Maps based on Openstreetmap

Another good offroad track mapset.
Shonkymaps by Shonkylogic


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I have some v3 Garmin Topo maps on a Nuvi 1490t.
They do not show any contour lines unless you zoom way out which is rather pointless.
Shonky maps are loaded as well and they show the contours up close.


Looks like Garmin hav finally woken up..Maps are freely available all over the net for any Country anyway..Sure you have to use a keygen but its not hard..If your an Anti-Piracy Guru pay for it if you think its worth it to you after trialling it..Oh and dont forget to delete all the mp3 music you'll probably have too..:p;)

The best maps ive used are Magellan and thats for the High Country only..Plus my mapping is getting old now too like myself...:eek: