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Les PK Ranger

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The famous Freds Arm awning swivel unit.
Comes with original 7 page owners installation / instruction manual.

This allowed a side awning to be swung around to cover the rear when stopped, allowing EXTRA WIDE cover if cooking at the rear etc.
Takes literally 30 seconds (possibly much less), take off velcro strap, pull down a couple of pins, swivel around, lock in, done, put awning out.

With the demise of its parent company (Black Widow), these are like hens teeth.
New pricing info is very scarce, the only thing I could find on them (another 4x4 forum thread) was from 2009 they were around $400 + freight.

I got it 2nd hand, planned to fit, but that idea passed by and now no Ranger, so it can go to a good home for someone to use.
Designed for LH awning, any length.

Asking $220.00


3 example pages of manual

freds_arm_2.jpg freds_arm_3.jpg freds_arm_4.jpg

Bonus Hi-lift / shovel brackets thrown in.

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Les PK Ranger

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How much does it weigh?

Good question, just weighed it . . . 9.5kg Matt.

For general info, my son lives Melbourne, he's home here for a couple more weeks, then returning home.
Lives a little west of Melb city though, but not as far east as you for example Matt . . . can easily bring any of my items back with him.

Or, we often drive to Melb to visit him, deliver products, so can easily get gear there (maybe not roof rack platform !).

Other places might also be possible for some things, I go to Brisbane a lot.

Anyway, cheers for the question.