Ford Ranger and Mazda BT50 recall

Yeah, not ideal. Mine's not affected by that one, need to check with the hoses, though, might be especially dicky with aftermarket suspension and lift, too.
There are actually 2 separate recalls for brakes, Matts one above for hoses and this one for calipers:

I did see the caliper one as well but that's from lat year so thoughts owners would already be aware of the issue, the hose fault is a new one that has just arisen .
I think the caliper cracking would be a extremely slim possibility and more about ass covering but I guess if its possible its something you would want to address
Hi Matt
Sorry, didn't realise it was an old issue (bit of a worry, given I have one!) The site above says they only posted two days ago. Have to get off my arse and check it properly, now. I'll check my vin and do some digging. Apart from catching fire and not stopping I reckon they're a great car!
Does all of the above apply to the BT 50's?
Just asking for a relo.
Hi Roger,

I was just on the ACCC site checking my Ranger, so checked the BT50s after seeing your post - Yes, both recalls apply to BT50s as well, both issued on 12/5/19.

Must have been a warning before, both issues for Rangers and Mazdas issued on 12 May 2019.
full vin lists

I'm not on the caliper list, but am on the hose list.

No sorry mate, I have one Disco that is twice as capable and one that is just as capable but twice as comfortable so no chance of change at this stage but never say never;)
Yeah, nice one Matt. Warms my heart to see a LR owner still hanging in there!!

I've travelled a bit with die-hard Rover fans (and helped out in the garage on plenty of occassions, too!) but all older stuff. I've bumped into a couple of blokes with the new ones (last 18 months), they seem to love them. The technology is definitely impressive, if a little daunting, but I figure even with the base Ranger there are too many things that will stop me if they break in the bush, so does having more matter? Or is it just more fun to drive??

So, my question is, just how is the reliability on your LRs these days??? Axles, oil leaks, electrics for example??

(could be a whole new thread - no one word answers!):)
So, my question is, just how is the reliability on your LRs these days??? Axles, oil leaks, electrics for example??
Short answer very reliable, the Disco 1 , which admittedly I have installed a fully rebuilt and modified engine with no Lucas electrics , transfer case , front and rear diff, new brakes, new and modified suspension, has now done about 250,000km of travels including some extreem 4wding and 1000's of km of dirt road touring and it has never let me down except 2 occassions that was a direct cause crap workmanship, once mine , once a workshop.
It currently has one small power steering fluid seep from a high presure line that has never been replaced so 400,000km and 22 years old.
The D4 has only done me 38,000km and not a issue and that includes our 14,000km Kimberly and top end trip which at times got pushed what I would think to its limits ( for a keeper ) but only has 68,000km on the clock so almost brand new
Cheers Matt, sounds like you work them hard. The D1 sounds like my dad's old axe. The newer ones intrigued me a bit, something different, and lush. I must admit I have a soft spot for my mate's Series 1 but I do like the mod cons of newer cars - except when they start grassfires or lose their brakes! (back on topic!) PP