Ford Maverick 1989


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Ford Maverick, 1989

Good Points

Bad Points
cant think of any

What mods have you done?
5" lift
Reduction gears
Driving lights
ARB front locker
Aerotech seats

What mods are on the list to do?
Rock sliders
Rear locker

Why did you buy this vehicle?
I had a Mav SWB so all the goodies could be swapped over

How often do you go offroad?
When l can (or when the wife permits

What will your next vehicle be?
GU patrol


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Another BBQ gas 4WD

Nice to see some else running LPG or so I can see a that or is that for the BBQ. How does your LPG perform on steep grades.


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not a bad rig there. my mate had a ford mav and i was impressed but if you want a good fourby go a hilux lol. as far as the gas goes i nearly rolled it last weekend and gas still ran nicely whereas petrol would have stalled being carby and all but yeah nice rig mate