Footy's Back 2018


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i'm kind of hoping that, it would be a full house in the city, I've got a guaranteed seat for the Granny, if the Tigers make it, well 4 to be exact,
If i sold them off to the highest bidder, i could buy a new 4x4 ha ha ha
If it ends up coll v Rich I'd sell them in a heartbeat 4by v game of footy ?
No brainer for me .


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Yeah Sean,
Along with Stewie , Rob , Niky, Plugga & others was of my era when St Kilda was a great team / great times , memories :)
Still life and the finals go on.
My moneys on Collingwood to pull someone out from under their wing lol
Only because we love our maggies at home :)

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Jack Dyer got it right, "I hate Collingwood so much, I can't even watch black and white TV..... "

Barra GU

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Happy to see gws take this one out.
Newish kids on the block. First time in the granny too.

Imagine the club when it first started. Never eohld have imagined this so quickly against better teams.

I wish them all the best


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What I found surprising was the booing of Heath Shaw. Yes i know he is ex Collingwood, but Buckley got rid of him, not the other way around. Buckley has never been in a winning AFL team or part of one in a coaching capacity. All he has ever done is cost Collingwood premierships. I have been a Collingwood supporter for years but while Buckley is at the helm, there will always be heartache come September. He is the epitome of the Colliwobbles.