Folding Solar Panel Modified For Roof Rack?


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Has anyone installed one of these folding solar panels onto their roof rack? I found some cheap ones at and plan to remove the hinges and install them to a rhino rack. Has anyone done it before?

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 9.35.38 pm.png



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Why not just buy cheap panels off ebay if you're going to go that route?
I bought 2 120W (listed as 150W) panels from ebay for $120 and only ended up using 1 as it met my needs.
It's been on the car for around 2 years now and puts out around 6A in perfect conditions.


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I'd be tempted to go for a better quality single RV 12volt solar panel, if you just want a vehicle mounted one. Beware of the ridiculous overstating of watts on much advertising. A folding panel is a good option if you want to split it and have one roof mounted and the other to follow the sun around camp. Still look for reviews and get the best quality panels within your budget. There are plenty of creative ways to mount solar panels, e.g.



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Some good ideas in the videos above the guy in the centre vid also does reviews on cheap v's dearer panels worth looking at.

I have 2 x cheap Rich solar panels fixed on the roof no issues for around 5yrs they cost around $1 per watt but don't go off the wattage that most of the cheap and may be some of the dearer one's claim as quite often they lie these days. I measured up the area and bought to suit.


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Hi , i had a spare folding panel set lying around , removed hinges and locks , secured the cables and re-enforced the controller . Made a Frame from slotted angle and bolted it up to said frame , this way i can fasten it to the roof racks , put it in the Trailer or tie it down to the large Roof Basket . Most of the time the Frame sits on 2 of the 3 roof racks , easy peesey and cost me practically nothing , together with a 100 ah/agm runs Fridge . Camp lights no worries , cheers .