planning on going to the flinders ranges after middle earth meet:)
any helpful tips would be appreciated. never been there before, so have no idea on what to expect:D:D:eek:

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Hi lordy
We did this trip earlier this year. There are also many trip reports from all those who went to have a look at - with pics.
Although there are plenty of cheap campsites throughout the Flinders we all stayed at Rawnsley Park. Nice place and close to most of the tracks - just of the outside of Wilpena Pound. They sell diesel and petrol but if you want gas you will have to go into Hawker (bout 1/2 hr away). As we have many newby's recently joined from SA you might be able to find someone to go along with.
What sort of info are you after.
Kaz :D
PS - try not to drive at night as there are lots of roos on the side of the road during these time. :eek:


Great place lordy. Plenty to see and do. Pending your time availability, you can check out Arkaroola and Stiller's lookout, Wilpena Pound and Sky Trek, the Gammon Ranges and Bendelby Ranges which are a bit further up but - you'll need to make enquiries as I'm not sure what's open or closed up there at the moment with the rains that have gone through. I can tell you that Rawnsley Park is an excellent place to set a base and spread out from there. I can also tell you that 'geoffsa' is from that area and he'll know a lot more than me if you want to pm him. Good luck with it and would be good to see pics on your return.



I am heading up past your way soon, Cape York, so if you want to PM me with any queries on the Flinders Ranges I can give you a reasonable amount of info and you can probably assist me in return with the Cape.
Are you into aboriginal art, tracks, scenery, history, waterholes or just general touring?