FJ60 petrol fuel economy

Roger J

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Anyone out there know the best way to get better fuel economy from a petrol 2f engine. My engine has headers but the carby looks a bit old. Could this be a fuel issue and does it need a new carby? 400k to the tank isn't the greatest. Runs a bit rich.


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they drink like a sailor, but check your air filter is clean, and that your exhaust pipe hasn't been squashed anywhere


I've always followed the mantra:" suck, squeeze, bang, blow." When it comes to petrol cars, look at each step and see if there's anything you can improve.


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Hi mate, I used to have an FJ with the 2f petrol, these need to be tuned to perfection otherwise your economy will suffer. When mine was running rough I would be lucky to get 25l to 100ks towing my work trailer, best figures were about 20litres or just under , the economy of these old girls is one of the reasons they are so cheap compared to the turbo diesel HJ's. Even my 2h non turbo blitzes the old 2f and I can get around 14-15 litres towing, down below 12 without the trailer and being mindful of mileage.