FJ cruiser underbody protection


Not involved with the vehicle engineering industry but with rellies whom are....their responses to my question as to whether I need add anything like underbody guards to my FJ Cruiser has car and factory protection is enough! I am not going rock climbing but will traverse unsealed roads etc and many will be corrugated and I guess "rough" depending upon weather. Do I need Underbody Protection in addition to Factory standard stuff? Cheers!


Well there is only one way to find out, if your out and about and find your are bottoming out, then I suggest you look into it further. Sometimes it happens where you don't think it'll happen.

I know for sure I need it, but you haven't convinced me yet you do..

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G'day. Welcome to the fj club! When I got mine, chucking on some underbody protection was one of the first things I did. The stock plates are very very thin and are only to protect against splashes more than anything.

My personal view is that bash plates are mandatory on ifs vehicles, and they're cheap insurance against damage whilst out and about.


Sticks can also pierce radiators and pull off wires and hoses.. So yes you should get protection.

If you need assisance setting up a FJ cruiser then get in touch with Autocraft from Geelong, they ahve been setting up FJ cruisers since they came out. They are sent BRAND NEW FJs from dealers to modify for customers before sale.

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Mate Buds Customs has started manufacturing a whole bunch of stuff for the FJ's, they have been making top gear for the hilux for years and the underbody armour/Slidders I got for my lux is superbly made and delivered to the door.