FJ Cruiser changes?


We have a 2012 Fj Cruiser and will tow something behind us eventually....but will not be going "bush bashing etc" just some outback roads etc.

Do I need do anything to the suspension and the factory product good enough?


G'day. I've had my fj for just over a year now, are you loving yours? :)

Stock the fj is very should be fine with the stock suspension unless you're carrying a lot of gear or want to put a bullbar on. The gvm is pretty average.

If anything, the thing to upgrade would be the tires.

Also check out which is an oz fj forum. Lots of good info there.


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stock FJ is actually pretty capable mate (moreso than say hilux) ... and I think stock tyres are 31 or 32?

Still upgrade tyres as the stockies won't be too tough. A good strong set of AT's should do it ... MT's overkill.


Stock are a 32"....a decent set of ATs make a world of difference.

For traveling on bush roads, decent set of tyres will allow you to drop the pressure with the piece of mind that the sidewalls are strong enough.


We love our FJ....treat it with respect. Have driven a lot outback Australia - Northern Territory in other vehicles on business but went to 4WD Course recently for refresher.

Going to towing lessons soon.

Biggest like....just right handling size for my wife and I plus robust reputation


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Don't use Overdrive when towing anything heavy or you will fry the Transmission.
An Aftermarket Transmission Cooler would Probably be a good Investment especially if you are going to be Towing in the North west of WA during Summer.


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We have a flat floor camper trailer we took over the whole length of the Binns Track (2100kms+ of rough outback tracks and dirt) last October. Our FJ has 2" Ironman suspension, Ironman bull bar and a winch. The rear suspension handled the camper without drooping and when you do hit that hidden pot hole or washout, the suspension handles it all, with no real discomfort or dangerous situations.
As stated earlier, only use 5th gear when going downhill or have a decent tail wind on the flat, everything else 4th gear.
We always travel in 4WD high range on the dirt, has much better control on the loose stuff and the number of times you hit a pile of very loose sand and stones in a corner, or the mud patch just round the corner, means you are less likely to get yourself into trouble.