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Fishing In The Onkaparinga River

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by Seafgxr6, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Seafgxr6

    Seafgxr6 Well-Known Member


    I'm thinking of heading out fishing tonight to have some time away from all the crap going lately

    Any one have experience fishing the onkaparinga river???

  2. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Hey Sean, have fished there a bit but not for a while mate.

    Around the bridge at port noarlunga they sometimes get tommies and small salmon trout,, similar at the mouth.

    West of the sth rd bridge at old noarlunga there's been reports from a bloke I know who fishes there often that he's been getting the odd mulloway but not sure how acurate this is and if id be keen to eat one caught outa there.

    Good luck mate and hope ya catch something.
  3. 03GV

    03GV Member

    Yeah you get a few minnows in the onky!:p

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  4. bigjew

    bigjew Member

    Nice Onky Mully.:) Surprising what you can catch out of there,with a lot of hard work.;)
  5. 03GV

    03GV Member

    Dunno about hard? Just need to put in the time, most people are in bed when the big ones come out to play!
  6. macka17

    macka17 Member

    Go to the road bridge in old Noarl. walk along the christie's side round first bend to right.
    along straight then as it bends to left. there used to be a hole just your side of halfway . on outside of bend.
    We used to get some good Butter's there. and up to 1lb Bream
    Small live Salmon or Tommies used to be the go. Used to fish Inner Bar/Outer bar. Fenceline.
    Maslins The wrecks (Barges). and a couple of others round there.
    There were a coupla good holes up by the meatworks too got some great Bream there.

    Tides. season. weather patterns. Mainly just after or during a blow for Snapper. specially on outer bar. and Western Barge Even the wind makes a difference.
    I used to fish there a lot 40 yrs ago but back up in QLD for the last 20 or so.
    We used to launch off the beach at Lifesavers. B4 Marina built.
    T'was quite hairy bow launching 14fters in 3 + ft surf at night. at end of the blow.
  7. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

    You got a bit of a blow up there yourself last week !

    How do you like the fishing up there ?
    I grew up Bowen, used to be amazing there out on the boat (30 + years ago), now apparently not so good, a bit fished out.
  8. macka17

    macka17 Member

    Cat 5. we recorded winds over 285km. Certainly got the dead branches out of the trees round here.

    Poor buggars down in town copped it more in the old timber homes and low lying.
    We up on side of hill. It just cleared the gardens for us is all. Plus dumped a load of crap on top of pool cover.

    Till '94 I worked t'ween Darwin T'Ville and Adelaide. Then got some sense and retired up here in '02.

    Fishing. hmmmm. OK somedays. but recently we only got out around 6 times over near 4 yrs. Weather.
    coupla boat shops and a tackle shop shut down. I mainly fish dams now for Barra. and troll a bit for Spanno's for a feed.
    Serious fishing. I go to Phuket mainly for the sails. and NZ for Kings. Did Maxico. Peru and chili Prior to NZ last yr. Coupla months. Missus doing ruins. while I did that and fishing. Mehico is Magic.... Specially on Pacific side.
  9. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I was in Bowen at 1300hrs on the Thurs, me and brother decided to hightail it back to Brissy and keep in front of the storm, worked out ok getting on at 0310.
    So we only spent overnight and half a day in the old hometown, but enough to see a bit of it again, and pay respect to rellies.
    Wasn't much in front of Marcia when we went through, rain was moderate towards the bottom, and bugger all wind, went down the Bruce.

    Wow, some good fishing tours in there I must say.
    Love watching the TV shows where they travel the world, fishing and getting paid to do it.
    Robson Green, the other Aus ones they get around too.

    I'll be happy to do a charter when I get up the Cape way hopefully mid '16.

    Anyway, you've had your last cyclone for a while hopefully.
  10. macka17

    macka17 Member

    Wasn't much in front of Marcia when we went through, rain was moderate towards the bottom, and bugger all wind, went down the Bruce.


    Yea it came through a long way south of Bowen.
    The Eye just North of us where my daughter lives., about 20 miles above us , below Shoalwater.
    We missed the actual eye. just got the windshift which meant we didn't get a break from it.
    280+ from one dir. then kept blowing just swung through the compass.

    Anyway. We know we good for Cat 5 round here with these modern houses, Built to Cat 3.
    But good for a lot more.

    we didn't even know it was there apart from power out and watching a coupla things fly across paddock out the window.
    Couldn't really hear it either, with genny running and DVD's on.

    It Only made short work of the older Timber homes and low lying ones (flooding)

    I was told over 50 yrs ago. Only ever buy on side of hill facing coast.
    everything blows past. and any water flows past you. downhill.
    It's true..

    Pay the coupla hundred $$'s Nip over to North island and Charter out to three Kings, or White Island if you want a decent charter.
    Those fish are unbelievable. Snapper is good too there.

    We'd better get back to subject here mate.
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  11. jay911

    jay911 New Member

    hey mate, im new to fishing, where abouts did you catch it... also what time?
  12. itlldoo

    itlldoo Well-Known Member

    you asking for a guys favourite fishing spot is like asking to borrow the 4by:cool:, be very careful what you ask for next,........ mate.!!!!..:cool::D;)
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  13. dedydud

    dedydud New Member

    Hello, I'm creating an app based on the fish in the Onkaparinga River, as you guys seem to fish there quite often, do you think you could tell me what kind of fish you often get? I would appreciate any replies, even though this forum is over a year old. :):p:D
  14. silkwood

    silkwood Active Member

    Well, in the hills there are trout, but access is a difficult issue. SAFFA members get access through their contacts.


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