First time on Moreton


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Hi team.
Well, after much excitement having bought the 2011 Jimny as our entry to some beach 4x4 fun, completed the beach driving course on Bribie, then……$2.5k grand later on unexpected repairs, we have been a little apprehensive about taking the it out since. But, we’ve decided to bite the bullet and are heading to Moreton early November.
A couple of nights glamming, a couple in the resort, and hopefully plenty of exploring.
Any tips and hints would be much appreciated. Have our gear ready to go: compressor, battery jumper, some recovery gear.
Looking at the ferry timetable, looks like we arrive within 90 mins of the next high tide……I’m guessing there is still access off the ferry at or around high tide, and then just a matter of waiting around there for the tide to drop and head off to Bulwer? Same heading back, ferry is due to leave right on high tide??
sorry for the newbie questions guys.


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Drop tyres to 18 psi while waiting for the ferry in Brisbane. Have fun. Be in 4wd to get off the boat, there is a hard turn left at high tide.


I guess you've been and gone by now, sorry this is too late. I spend a few months a year there and know it pretty well.