First authentic Land Cruiser 300 spy shots.


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These appear to be the first authentic Land Cruiser 300 spy shots. Still no genuine word on the engines. Though I am pretty confident it isn't the 4 cyl 2.8l diesel that appeared in some click bait articles.

It must be time to start a 300 subforum page in Toyota.

It will be interesting to see how it performs from a reliability perspective. Bring the comments on! If Toyota behaves true to form, it will be an evolution, not revolution design.

First posted on LCOOL. Also the main pic without camo is an old non-genuine artist's impression.
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As per the LCOOL and IH8MUD pages, the diesel is likely to be a 3.3ltr V6 known as the F33A-FTV and the petrol will be the V35A-FTS which is a twin turbo 3.5ltr V6. Seems like a hybrid option is in the works as well. Series numbers are speculated to be FJA300 and GRJ300


They’d have to be idiots to add a 2.8l diesel to that or even think it, great way to kill a brand in my opinion but Heah i could be wrong...

Glad they trusted Russia to keep everything top secret :D


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Those muti-tiered headlights remind me of Alfa Romeo 159, as do many other cars now. E.g. Mazda CX-30, Kia Sorrento.