First Aid while 4wding


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My take on 1st aid kits is they are mostly designed to prey on suckers who can't walk without tripping over a guy rope. All this bs stuff you need out there, so much safety it makes me sick. I spent enough dozens of times in and out of a few specialist clinics and average Joe super clinics for a long term cyst to know the stuff us laymen or should I say non ambulance drivers have access to is a joke. Even things like proper guaze you can't get, you should see what surgeons have, then you might understand why I get pissed at these nannies who insist on safety, nurses at super clinics didn't even get good stuff, messed up system. Like for snake bites all you can really do it roll up a bandage. Me my way of life is commando style, go out in the Bush and be prepared to not come back, that is life. I have met a few real army blokes who just walk thru a pure Bush like a bulldozer and are not at all affraid of snakes,spiders etc. Me too I make bear grills look like a boy scout and when kids go away with me I make sure they are safe. 1st aid my a$$

Ummm ok.


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I did the Simpson Desert in 2012 with My Step-father in His a Prado, took what I thought would be a suitable "First Responder Kit" (My Qualification at the time).

The Photo below, was My kit back in 2012.
- The far Right Trauma Bag (included First Aid Consumables, 2x Sam Splint, Adult Cervical Collars, OxyGen Kit, Medication Kit)
- Yellow Defib and
- Spine Board
is what I took on the Simpson Trip with Me. The spinboard acted as smooth a base for my OzTent to sit on and prevent damage in the Roof Cage.

If We had taken My D22 Navara one the Simpson trip . . . Yes defiantly, I would had to sacrifice majority of my Medical Gear to accommodate extra water and food in the back under the canopy, like in the Prado all our personal stuff - clothing bags etc would had sit on the back seat.

My Patrol, I've had for 12 months now, and with it's Storage Shelves Under the Canopy and 200Lt Built-in Water Tank . . . it has much better, and more available storage arrangements then the D22 Navara ever did. Majority of my Event Consumable are now in 4x 10Lt Plastic Box's: - kids First Aid Supplies Box, Adult First Aid Supplies Box, Burns Box, Trauma Bandage Box, Carboard Splints Kit, Cervical Collar Kit, Sport Medicine Kit (The Red First Aid Kit as shown in the photo) . . . . .,

As I also operate a Medic Motorcycle, My Trauma Kit these days is configured to fit into Two (2) Motorcycle Pannia Bags, and a Small OxyGen Kit on the Bike. I swap the Two Pannia Bags between My bike and My Patrol as needed, and carry a Large OxyGen Kit in the Patrol which carries Extra Trauma Related Supplies as well. I only pull My Trauma Bags out when I have to go to the Casualties or if I have a serious walk-up Casualty, overwise I work out of the boxs.

So realistically, and Remember My Patrol has in Big Red Letter - EVENT MEDIC sign posted on it, so there is an expectation from others I carry gear all the time. But if I was doing the Simpson again in My Patrol, I wouldn't drop too much Medical gear at all from the Patrol, maybe 3 or 4 Boxs/Items at the most - kids First Aid Supplies Box, Adult First Aid Supplies Box, Burns Box, Trauma Bandage Box and My Sport Medicine Kit . . . I'd combine my Minor Consumables Box with My Burns Box, that would free up most of the top shelf, and 1 small shelf.

For 1 or 2 week trip away like the Simpson, I have enough room in the back to throw in a 40Lt Food Box, My Personal Kit Bag, Overnight Bag, Beading (Pillow, Bed sheet, Dona) Bag, Camp Stretcher and Air Mat in the storage area at the back of the Canopy.

Well that's impressive, I'm just about to upgrade my small kit to a slightly bigger kit but this is next level.


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I did the Simpson Desert in 2012 with My Step-father in His a Prado, took what I thought would be a suitable "First Responder Kit" (My Qualification at the time).


Next time I go to the Simpson, I want you to come, just in case there is a mass terrorist attack event. Good on you.

John U

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Even things like proper guaze you can't get,
Lots of wound dressing stuff is available over the counter at Chemist Warehouse. This isn’t the sort of stuff I’d take 4wding though, unless I knew there was a high chance of significant gravel rash. I’d want reasonably sterile conditions for using this gear. Conditions you get at home in the bathroom but not in the outdoors (usually ).


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Hi Guys,

My Patrol is My Medical Gear's home, it doesn't get pulled out and put into storage when I get home from jobs, I have no other suitable storage for it, it's in the Patrol all the time. If I come across something on the road or track, I'll offer assistance and use my gear if needed, as it's always there.

I'm also Ex Military as well, so I still think in mind Pack Light, Pack the Essentials Only. I don't have a swag, I hate sleep on the ground, so I use a Camp Stretcher under a Lean-too of the side of the Patrol, even though I have a OzTent, I don't set it up unless the bugs are out.

With that in mind, if I went basic with a First Aid Kit, I'd probably just go with the Survival Range of First Aid Kits.

I have had one of the 1st "Survival" First Aid Kits released, about 8 years old now. I like the Mole, Compact Nature, and when you open them up, the compartments fold out and everything is neatly stowed and labelled easy to see.

So my Basic 4wd first Aid Kit would look like this:
"Survival" First Aid Kit -
"Survival" Snake Bite Kit -
5x Size 15 Trauma Bandages -
2x Israeli Emergency Bandages -
2x Wide - Tactical Tourniquet -
1x Med Kit - Paracetamol, Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspro) Tabs, Ibuprofen, Electrolyte, Imodium, Stingos.


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I've reckon I've read a few recommendations on first aid in the forum but searching doesn't seem to find any of the posts/threads.

Anyway, thought a dedicated thread might be a good idea (if it doesn't already exist).

What are your must haves for a first aid kit when going bush?

Do you pack more first aid gear if going more remote?

What level of first aid training would be the recommended minimum for 1 or 2 members of your trip if going remote?

Where do you store your first aid kit in your vehicle?

Do you have one of those stickers on the outside of your vehicle telling random helpers where they'll the first aid kit?

Is your first aid kit easily accessible?

Do you regularly replace any items in your first aid kit?

Are there any special extras you've added to your kit?

I have a decent first aid kit
but I had it stashed behind my rear seat which would make it time consuming to access if my ute was packed in the usual way for long trips. So I've moved it to an easily accessible space in the rear corner of my canopy but now I'm thinking it'll get hammered by the heat from the sun hitting the rear of the canopy every day.
G'day John

Stuff to stop bleeding - which is the most common reversible cause of death by trauma. This would be bandages and dressings, but if you've got the $ then a proper tourniquet and "quick clot" dressings would be something to consider. Something to help with a snake bite (pressure bandage). An EPIRB or satellite phone to get help/extrication. Also a sling for a broken arm and some way to make a crutch for a broken ankle might also be useful. An EPI-pen for anaphylaxis and ventolin for an asthma attack might also save someone.

But if you need CPR in a remote area your stuffed! Unless someone has a portable defibrillator, but these cost about $2K. And even if they get the old ticker started again, the reason it stopped hasn't been fixed, so your chances of making it are near zero.

Handy stuff for minor conditions could be panadol, nurofen, aspirn (1 tab if you think someone is having a heart attack!) gastro-stop (in case you get the sh#@*), anti-histamine tablets, nausea tablets, something to remove splinters and something to wash out a minor wound. Also some way of irrigating your eyes if they get something in them. A thermal blanket is also good to have.