FireStryker Fire Extinguishers

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we had a trans fire in the old truck at the last race
i blew a converter seal at the most appropriate time, just be for the pit entry, and there happened to be to marshals standing there with fire extinguishers
well 2 extinguishers later, the fire was out the truck was covered in white powder and it took some getting off with the pressure cleaner as it got into everything
yes Les, they take like 900hrs to build (if the chassis is already done) my customers new truck was around $425k i think ( will see it next week when i get to the states !)

the other issue with regular extinguishers, is there 50% guaranteed to work, but how long do they go for
1kg is like 7 to 8 seconds
1.5kg is like 12 to 15 second
2kg is like 25 to 35 seconds
but we have to take them out and shake them & loosen the powder before every race or they dont go off and we replace them every 2 or 3 yrs regardless
as they only get a limited life span for racing

we've seen 6 or 7 car completely destroyed by fire over the last 10 yrs or so
wouldn't thing a steel chassis with fibreglass panels would burn but they do !!! well the fuel burns , then the electrical then the aluminium, tyres etc and leaves a molten mess


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The problem with DCP and this FireStryker. is that the extinguishers don't cool the fire, they only smother it.

If you have oil that is hot enough to self ignite, then you might put the flames out and it bursts back into action seconds/minutes after you have knocked it down.
Fires up the transmission tunnel are bad for this, both from built up grass/spinifex and/or Jeep transmissions as you can't get the agent in there to smother all the flame or use it all trying.


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Ive been awaiting for a reply from the American supplier to whom the agent will be here in Aus . So far no info has come back.


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Reply from Supplier.
Afternoon Trevor

Sorry for the late reply but our system crashed and we lost a lot of data from the website.
It is finally back and some data unfortunately was lost.As for your question you can send me a requisition and we send you a pro forma invoice and when the funds are received wes send the units to your
nominated address with Australia post.The cost of the 100 second units is AU$150 and the canisters are AU$45 excluding tax and postage of $10 Australia wide
We have only gone for the 100 second units as they are 65 grams heavier and 3 centimeters longer than the 50 second unit with double the fire fighting capabilities.
If you have any questions please contact me on 0451071901


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Thanks for the update. Rather than pay $45 for an airtight and waterproof housing, I reckon you could make a decent holder inside the cabin using a couple of clips like this -


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Sure plus cleaning up costs in the interior of your car.
This is an arguement I often hear, but for me its the Insurance companies problem.

I save my gear from burning, pack it up and walk away, they get a crispy powder crusted car and give me a cheque.


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Have you had such an experience Hoyks? I had a similar experience and they don't hand over a big check in exchange for your car unless it's unrepairable. A stove fire near the back could cause no damage to the actual vehicle other than what the fire extinguisher does.

Anyway, I do understand it's a big investment that only addresses some fire issues better than a normal fire extinguisher.


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Have you had such an experience Hoyks? I had a similar experience and they don't hand over a big check in exchange for your car unless it's unrepairable.

No I haven't, but I have a ute with a home made camper pod on the back.
An engine bay fire in my ute would rapidly rack up a bill as the fuel filter, ecu, battery and fuse box are all under the bonnet in one corner. So you have the source of ignition, fuel and the expensive bits right there.

The camper has a battery and some fuel in it, but if its damaged its reasonably easy to repair or scrap it.

If you had a wagon, then it could get messy without racking up the bill quite as quickly.