Fecking apple


I've had no computer or phone issues since switching everything to apple.

no viruses, or constant updates on the laptop. and all three iphones i've had have lasted the 2 year contract and all still work. My Macbook is 7 years old, runs 6gb ram, 512gb SSD and is still very quick.

itunes seems to work fine for me, but again its on a Mac computer so maybe thats different. I like how easy it is to buy content I want to own, and using Netflix on the apple tv is brilliant for watching content i only want to watch once.

I use several apple airport expresses around the home for multi room audio and it works perfectly.

recently I dropped my 18 month old iphone 5s(in a lifeproof case) about 8 metres from a ladder onto concrete and it still worked...for a month then suddenly one day the screen stopped responding.
I walked into an apple shop and they swapped it for a brand new (or refurbished?) one, since it showed no signs of damage. they couldn't swap only the screen section because the actual frame was bent (from the fall i'm guessing)

everyone's experience can be different i guess, but for me I'm happy for now.
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I've used Apple since the mid 80s at home and work and never had any issues with any of their products. We have a house full of iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and Apple TV and they all work as they should, no issues.

When we addedPCs to the mix, well bugger me what a bunch of problems that was, never again

Are the songs actually there or are they previous purchases that are showing up with a cloud icon next to them which indicates you can download them again from the cloud?


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There is something wrong with your unit
I have about a dozen Apple products and have no issues with syncing and programs
I understand tech head types who like to fiddle with things wouldn't like the constrained Apple way but those that just want to pick it up and use it hassle free they are a brilliant product

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I will rephase that.

If I want to connect my ipad to itunes. I need to unistall itunes and re install everytime

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I got it.

I went and bought a brand new genuine apple cable, re installed the whole lot and now it's working.

I also managed to get rid of those songs on my iPhone and iPad. I wiped my iPad which took everything but those songs off. ( was 2 of them and not just the 1 I first thought ) so I loaded those 2 from iTunes and then I was able to delete them