Fault code P1264


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Just paid Toyota to diagnose a loss of power and engine light on intermittently to be told:
P1264 - VN turbo controller. Connections to turbo solenoid ok. Road tested, could not get to fault. When ignition turned off, fault code appears but does not reset when road testing. Suspect issue related to turbo timer. Requires more time to diagnose.
Now seeing as they charge $140 an hour we declined more time to diagnose. Advice from auto electrician doubts anything to do with turbo timer.
Advice greatly appreciated!


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Disconnect turbo timer(highly doubt it is the reason, but start at the easy/cheap stuff)
The 1kd engines are know to have turbo issues over time, you should be able to see the actuator do a self test at key on and shutdown. If the vnt is gunned up it will log codes like this.
No real permanent fix other than replace if turbo is faulty

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mate , this is the few things that you should look at on your D4D engine
take the top cover off
on the LH side of the engine ( passenger side) there is a small white filter that has vacuum lines coming off it
check to see if that is weeping oil residue , if so remove it, inspect it for any cracks, (if cracked replace it around $50), spray some cleaner through it
check to see if any of the other small vacuum lines are weeping

on top of the air filter unit is the air flow meter, carefully remove the 2 screws ( unplug it first) and take it out and spray a cleaner on it ( buy the right cleaner !!) & refit it

the item they are talking about is in the bottom panel under the glove box

has the car been through any water ?????
do you have a pedal controller added?
have you fitted a EGR restrictor plate? what size hole ??

how many Km's on the engine?
when was the last time the injectors were changed?
what brand of fuel are you running?
has the 2nd fuel filter above the tail shaft been replaced?
has the main fuel filter been replaced?
are you running the standard paper air filter or an oil filter like a K&N ????

what was the last thing that was worked on before the code came up ?
what were you doing when the code came up ??

where are you if i need to send you to a specialist for D4D engines???




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Many thanks James & TheregoesSteph.
We will follow your advice and step by step go through each check.
Albany WA.
No water crossings, no pedal controller (not sure what that is though),
don't know if it has an egr restrictor plate (We haven't fitted one),
we just use diesel fuel from servo and add f-10 fuel treatment, main fuel filter has been replaced,
yes to K & N air filter,
last thing worked on would have been installation of spot lights and 2 way.
Hilux drove 30 mins along highway into Albany, parked for 30 mins then when it was started the engine light stayed On and no power..like the limp mode
One mechanic spoken to today said we just have to wait until it breaks basically.
We are not mechanically minded apart from basic servicing and appreciate all advice.
Jodie & Jarrod


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Update... as per helpful advice....
Have a done a service: engine oil, filters (fuel/air/oil) cleaned small white filter with vacuum lines coming off it with cleaner spray. Noticed a bit of oil residue around that area. Gave engine degrease. Unable to locate a second fuel filter above tail shaft. Doesn't look like there's a catalytic converter either. The injectors were checked 6 Months ago.
Today also purchased a vehicle system monitor from Auto One. Installed this prior to service and fault code P1864 displayed. After service was driven for 30 mins at 110km/h and then filled up with fuel, added fuel additive. Turned car turned on NO FAULT detected. Drove 30 mins home, no problems. Now we wait....hope for the best and expect the worst!

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ok sorry i did see that in where it was posted
you didnt say what area your in ??????????

so no second filter to look for (as that is the Prado thing for the dual tanks)

if you cleaned the air flow meter (MAF sensor)( in the airbox) that is something you are going to have to do on a regular basis as the oil residue from the filter will stick to the meter and give it a wrong reading

so each time it is serviced clean the air flow meter (MAF sensor) & the small white filter (MAF sensor filter)( i would get a new filter if you have no idea how old it is

the other thing that does play up in these engines is the suction control valve , but that would be causing the issue you explained

the main thing i hate about having someone else (a mechanical workshop) is they have to guess on your time

i was stuck up in the Cape with a P0046 code ( turbo actuator) when i went to the mechanic's and asked him if he had an old turbo that i could get the actuator off to try to see if that sorted it, he said and i quote "" i sick & tired of you internet mechanics think you know more than us, it wont be that, it will be the turbo !! they are $8500 fitted ""
well i sprayed & sprayed that actuator and it eventually freed it's self and i after driving from Punsand bay to Cohan in limp mode , i drove off the cape under my own power
i pulled that actuator off (at home and found the part number
Toyota didn't list a separate part for replacement, when i gave them the part number, it came up in the system for $171 and 1 was in Sydney
i'm still running around on the same turbo actuator (havent replace any part) but learnt a lot more about my engine !!!


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Thanks again! We are in Albany WA.
Now we know what that white thing is, (MAP filter sensor), which we snapped when pulling it apart. Replaced it from our wrecked hilux and now going to buy 2 new ones and replace asap.
The terminology is confusing: MAS, MAF & MAP...all meaning different things.
We will still need to look at the suction control valve.
Glad to hear you didn't spend $8500!!


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The mechanic up the cape might have to get with the times and buy a laptop as engines themselves should have improved over the yrs so less prone to failure it's uually the crap hanging off the engine that lets it down now.