Farewell Kath Wood and Richardlnsw - Coorongooba 23-24 Feb


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Firstly some news. The NSW crew are losing a couple of regulars in @Kath Wood and @richardlnsw. They're both off on bigger adventures together across the other side of this island. So as we do on Earth, we're gonna say farewell and good luck in the only way we know how. A huge fire and too many drinks.

The planned weekend is 23-24 February 2019 and the location is Coorongooba in Wollemi National Park.
I'm sure some will arrive on the friday night and others earlier. Links to the location and camp details are below as well as a topo map showing the 'easy' way in.




More important info: firewood collection in the National Park is a no-no so if you could bring a bag of wood that would help. We will of course run a collection trip or two into the state forest but every bit helps when you're trying to satisfy 50 pyromaniacs.

If you haven't come on an 'Earth' trip before then please don't think you can't come to a farewell. All are welcome. Kids, spouses, secret girlfriends/boyfriends, dirty pirate hookers.

This is going to be fairly informal but purely for bragging rights register your interest below. This way Dickie can brag about how many people like him or at least like Kath and tolerate him.

@Kath Wood
@Mrs Rum
@Cooking On 2 Burners
@David Moriarty
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