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Factory Bt50 Bull Bar Help!!!


New Member
I've brought a 2nd hand factory alloy bt50 bull bar, was under the impression i had all the mounts ect, but with further inspection :)(after i handed over cash:() reveled that there are more parts required to fit the bar to my ute. According to Mazda's instructions there needs to be 3 main components. 1- bull bar, 2- bull bar mounts, 3- Chassis Extender and tension rod.

I have been having a absolute nightmare trying to track down the chassis extenders that are required.

anyone got any info or ideas???

Les PK Ranger

4x4 Earth Contributer
Bugger shreko, goes to show research is good when fitting 2nd hand I suppose.

You have tried wreckers ?
Most are part of a network by hotline . . . and there are specialist 4x4 wreckers around different locations too.

Maybe you'll have to fab them up yourself ?