F.S VIC Simex Centipedes 35x11.5R15 on beadlocks qty:5


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ITEM: Simex Centipedes 35x11.5R15 on qty:4 beadlocks qty:1 not on a beadlock.

Beadlocks are Second air internals, never given be any trouble and have been great. The setup runs smooth (For Simex anyway) on the road and all beadlocks hold air great.

Rims are as follows:

All Sunrasier style, 15x8'' -22 Offset 6 Stud suit Cruiser, Patrol, Hilux etc with 6 stud wheels.

1x Dynamic black
1x Dynamic Silver
3x ROH White

Comes with another two rims unmounted as follows for spares

1x Dynamic Silver
1x ROH White


CONDITION: Good used condition, they have never let me down and had no punctures.

Tread depths are as follows, this is taken in the centre.

1x 14mm tread depth
1x 12mm tread depth
3x10mm tread depth

Moving away from the centre the tread depth increases rapidly, they have only been used offroad pretty much so are still nicely shaped and have not worn flat like some that see lots of road miles.

LOCATION: Ferntree Gully

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