Extended ball joints - 2013 colorado


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I recently had my 2013 colorado lifted. When speaking to the garage it was recommended that I get extended ball joints as well as it will be beneficial when travelling in the NT/WA. I have been ready though that it can cause problems and the upper control arm will need upgrading

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about this?


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What was the lift height to the front? Did you measure it before and after the new springs/struts to check the lift height? Reason I ask is I fitted 40 mm lift front struts to my Colorado (actually ended up about 33 mm lift) 18 months ago and have done 40,000 km mixed road conditions since with no issues. To be honest the drive shafts to the outer CV joints are pretty horizontal to the ground with no mucking about with the ball joints/ball joint spacers (just left 'em standard). Seems to work for me (although I appreciate a high lift and using a Colorado ute for 'serious' off roading/rock hopping could require plenty of additional front suspension modifications.)