Expedition Truck build


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Arrr gotta suck, but at least you to continue researching for stuff

Yep I have changed spec and layout several times while waiting. Nothing you can do but sit tight
ATW tell me they have 200 trucks on order. They are taking delivery of 20 single cabs when mine arrives


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Arrr man.

Watching the "The Cartwright" on utube (Isuzu towing Caravan), and the wife goes why haven't you offered me this style setup. WTF. I have been.

As soon as I have mentioned previously said "truck" she has turned off. Nowwwwww seeing what I was actually saying she like Ohhhhhhhhhhh.
Just to add she drives our, well now gone Road train so it's not size that's the problem.

So bloody hurry up will ya so I have more to show her LOL.


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All contributes to good planning in the rear cab. Maybe not the budget though. Too much time to dream up new stuff you want.