Exhaust restrictors.


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Have heard taking out the exhaust restrictors in a 3.3 ltr Jackaroo will give more power and better fuel economy. Any one here know if that's true or not ?

muc the truck

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3.2 v6 jackaroo has restrictors and it makes a difference without them in initial foot down and go . With a straight though muffler its real quick for a 4x4 of its size with a auto .

With more power , you use it more . so no fuel savings but it returns 16ltrs per 100 on the highway at 2.5 ton .


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got my old 3.2 Auto Jack down to 13.5L/100

exhaust restrictors are there, but PITA to get out....might still have some pics

make sure your coolant temp sensor is ok....when mine was stuffed engine kept thinking it was cold and overfuelling