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Well I mean I'm researching exhaust systems at least once or twice a week believe it or not and I have spent the last week looking at systems for my new car so I've been scouring YouTube endlessly and I have never seen one. In the last 20 years I've been using it I've not come across such a device so if you know something the rest of us don't please feel free to share.


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So I'm not talking about replacing the system in my last couple of replies this is about a tip designed to change the noise so becasue of the dpf which is before it not after it nothing will happen ok then we'll leave it there.

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I love exhaust systems and there is so much to learn about them. I’ve built a fair few mandrel bent exhausts on my own vehicles, on all sorts of cars/engines.
Cammy/high comp and stock old school 4cyl/6cyl petrols
Turbo 4cyl, xr6 turbo. Cammy/high comp auto v8 twin system.
Old turbo diesel 4cyl.
I recently helped a mate install a 3” exhaust with no mufflers at all on his dpf equipped triton. I had no experience with dpf cars and presumed this exhaust would be quite loud.
Went for a test drive.
I THINK I could tell some difference in sound from stock.
As far as being auto. Modern ish turbo diesels don’t sound too bad, nothing like like the older stock Petrol 6cyl autos that have that horrible P plate sound.

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My nephew had a new WRX for a while till the points on his licence were nearly extinct. He was having a conversation with my brother in law who is a VW Golf type R owner and fan thereof. They were crapping on about how great these 4 cylinder pocket rockets sound and how there's nothing better. I chimed in and said are you blokes for real. I said NOTHING beats the sound of a big hot V8. They looked at me, paused, and then both said yeah! You're right!

Just buy a good sound system and play the V8 Supercars kicking off at Bathurst really loud.