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Ex Telstra pj ranger

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by TYNO87, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. TYNO87

    TYNO87 Member

    Finally decided I’d had enough of the new triton (should never have bought the bloody thing!) and sold it.
    Ive got a work ute I can drive when ever I want so wasn’t in a rush to buy another car but saw this 2008 pj ranger for sale with only 150 thousand kms on it and thought it would make a good hunting/ fishing/ camping rig.
    It’s ex Telstra so along with the work back it had a few other modifications already like a long range tank and gvm upgrade which will come in handy. It’s no oil painting but it’s been serviced well and so far seems in good order mechanically. It’s had a brand new egr cooler, air con, clutch and a few other fairly expensive parts fitted in the last 15,000kms along with a major service (all filters, all fluids inc. diff, gearbox oils etc) done 5000kms ago.
    I did a timing belt straight away just in case and bought a new water pump, radiator, full set of hoses, belts, filters etc to do at the next service so fingers crossed I should get a few years out of it without any major dramas.
    Trying to spend as little as possible (gave myself a budget of $10k including buying it) and do all the work myself.
    The day after I brought it home 9AADD679-C16C-456E-939F-8C6588442D5C.jpeg
    Stripped all the interior out and cleaned under the floor etc. You’d think people would wash cars when they’re trying to sell them
    72C97881-0AB5-42BE-8211-5139E0A3E48E.jpeg 3AD21058-5BC9-452B-BDE4-CAC95FF3E51D.jpeg
    Interior coming back together
    B97F2A84-2006-4480-929A-AB3BBCB0F8C3.jpeg 5AAC0934-2834-4239-9E5A-A466C235934D.jpeg Tray I picked up from the wreckers for $290
    A59340D5-E7BF-4271-BFF2-397F31602D48.jpeg 1D1F8C04-2C0E-4925-8F50-93232B32573F.jpeg
    New stereo installed
    I’ve got a few busy weekends coming up
    Trays on 5E017226-22E8-4D24-B961-EB6E0A668316.jpeg
    New shoes
    It’s a shame I need the tray for the dog box, quad etc because the work backs unreal.
    Haven’t really got any major plans for it at this stage except to get it finished and get out and enjoy it. I’ve got a bull bar to go on and an aluminium dog box and matching canopy on their way. Once those and the tyres are on that’s pretty much it for now apart from tidying small bits and pieces up.
    I’m really enjoying coming home and just tinkering around with it. I miss my old cruiser for a lot of reasons but I used to love coming home and detailing it or tidying wires up or what ever, it was like stress relief. The triton was such a headache it just added stress, all I had to do was look at it and I’d get cranky.
    Anyways that’s enough for tonight, hopefully I keep remembering to take photos as I go.
  2. Hoyks

    Hoyks Well-Known Member

    After going from the weight of that tool box to just the ally tray and having the heavier springs under it... lets just say the ride won't be as plush as the Cruiser.;)

    Chuck it in 4x4 when you are on the gravel, the light back end will have a tendency to lock up when you hit the brakes and change down, having it in 4x4 will have the drive line help keep the back wheels turning, think of it as poor mans ABS.
    I had the previous model Courier, new panels and a turbo diesel were about the only changes on the new model. It was a reasonably reliable little truck, not fast but it got you there.
  3. TYNO87

    TYNO87 Member

    Thanks Hoyks, surprisingly the ride isn’t too bad, it’s stiff but it’s not jarring like some. It drove quite nicely with the back on but now that it’s off it’s a completely different vehicle. You’re not wrong about being tail happy on gravel. We live on a gravel road, braking isn’t too bad but you’ve got to watch accelerating around bends.
    I had one of the old shape as well for work. It was a good ute apart from a bit of lag down low. The 3.0l is definitely an improvement over the old motor. Loads of torque down low, like how diesels used to be/ should be.
  4. Hoyks

    Hoyks Well-Known Member

    Mine was a 2.5 and missed out on the turbo all together. All I got was lag, all the way to redline;)
  5. typhoeus

    typhoeus Well-Known Member

    If its not going to carry a lot of weight, why don't you remove a leaf from the rear springs? That will give you more comfort and articulation in the rough.. . . and you can always put them back if you end up filling it up with camping gear!!
  6. TYNO87

    TYNO87 Member

    Lol I can imagine Hoyks.
    Na typhoeus it’ll have a fair bit of weight on it every time I drive it. That’s why the gvm upgrades handy. By the time the dog box, dogs, canopy, gear, quad etc goes on it would have been very close to the limit without the upgrade, especially with the long range tank.

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