Equipment to take out on your first trip out


So, you are planning your first trip out. Here is a list of equipment that you should think about taking. The amount of gear that you take should always be dictated by how far away and for how long you plan to travel.

Recovery Gear - sooning or later you will get stuck. The right equipment is the difference between a bit of fun in the mud and 6 frustrating hours stuck in the muck!
Shovel -The most basic piece of recovery equipment. This is pretty much mandatory, no matter where you are going.
Jack – The standard jack that comes with your vehicle will not work in many situations.
Jacking Plate – Good for providing a decent piece of ground to put the jack on if you are in sand or soft ground.
Snatch Strap and rated D shackles. Make sure they are properly rated. If a D shackle breaks when in use, it can turn into a deadly missile.
Winch – Either a hand or electric winch. Hand winch is cheaper.

As well as this, it is important to remember that you are going away from a lot of services that we take for granted.
A first aid kit – The more equipment the better, but should at least carrying a range of bandages, and a sling.
Fire extinguisher
Communications – Depending on where you go, your mobile phone may not work, so you may want to think about a CB radio.
Water – if you get stuck somewhere for a few hours out in the heat, water will be very important.
The family – If you are taking young kids remember extra food and water.
A full tank of fuel – running out of fuel in the bush is very untidy.

Another 4WD – It gives you options when doing a recovery and someone experienced will help you avoid making those silly Newbie mistakes.

Lastly, a decent respect for the great outdoors, a bit of commonsense and a sense of humour :)

This isn't an exhaustive list, but has a few things that can take some of the hassles out for your first big adventure.

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Well said Patriot

All important, but 3 of them spring up.

Take a friend with 4x4 vehicle - saves a long walk ! :mad:
Basic recovery gear - as above
Radio/mobile phone - the CB probably more important as the phone doesn't usually work out in the bush.



Nick, thanks for the addits. I will amend my post.
Extreme Limits, great list of gear, will also add.

Thanks for the tips.



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With the snatch strap and rated shackles are important, but so is a "rated" recovery point on the front and rear of the vehicle.
Nothing worse than tearing a bull bar off, or as in the Toyota add for their spare parts, the front diff of your vehicle (tractor in the add).
Something else to consider is a strap damping device if something does fail. Its simply a bag (I use either a specialised bag with our club, but the recovery bag I carry my strap and shackels in will also do the job) to prevent the shackel and strap flying and damaging a vehicle, or person.



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All checked off my list except for the winch. I don't have a bullbar yet.
Ummmmm maybe a hand winch to start off with. Turfor?? (think thats how you spell it)


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hey Vossy,
As far as bull bars go, steel is the only way to go if you are going off road, aluminium ones look pretty and thats about all they are good for.

Winches are controversial to say the least, had a PTO winch on my old 60 series, never used it to get myself out of a jam, only ever used it to help pull out tree stumps and out in the bush recover some idiot that has got themselves right in it without coming out in the bush with as much as a pooper scooper to dig them selves out of it.

I would go lockers than a big investment on winches. I carry a BIG HAUL hand winch which is a far lot cheaper than a TIRFOR where you pay for the name.

It is nice to know it is in the back of your rig , to be there if you ever need it, more often it is needed because some wombat is stuck between where you are and where you want to be, I may be perverted and twisted but there is some satisfacaction on watching some one who has come out without any recovery gear at all get all dirty attaching cables and then getting sweaty using your gear under your "direction" whilst you are on the sidelines staying clean - I see it as my solemn duty to impress upon them that it is not right to come out unprepared - it may save their bacon next time if no-one stumbles upon them .



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Thanks for the advice Bushnut!

I'll have to check out the BIG HAUL winches.

Bullbars, Mmmmmm ?? alot of variables to consider. Weight being a big factor for me, mainly because of the size of the Rodeo. Front end wear etc etc etc. Duel airbags and so on.
More thinking to do.:confused:


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G'Day Ven,
I've had my Rodeo from new and yes it's not the most powerful and biggest
4x4 out there but it does everyhting I need it to do. It's gone everywhere that other 4x4's i've travelled with have gone.

It's now 6 years old and I've never had a problem with it at all touch wood (as i touch my head)
Regular services and checks I think is the key.
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Thanks for the list Patriot. we have some of these items on board but no all. also we carry a GPS incase we go off on a old looking track and get a bit lost. Will definantly pack some of these items. a shovel is a great idea to have. also i have been planing to carry an axe for those trees the always seem to fall across the 4x4 tracks.



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There is one important item missing from that list (from 1st post). If u have it, (& some 4WD know how) you can get out of situations without needing a snatch. It's a GOOD air compressor. Let your tyres down BEFORE you go into the soft stuff. Once you're bogged, letting them down will do little to help you out, but if they're at 15psi for eg (mainly beach or soft sand use), u will likely not get bogged, even with all terrains or less aggressive tyres.


I looked through the whole thread and feel there is one very important thing not on the lists, that being a good map of the area, remember a GPS has batteries without power they are useless.


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Very true, Grumpy.

Map & compressor. I'd sooner take a compressor than a gps, or a winch.

Jack, shovel, & snatch strap are the next items I pack. I've never needed a gps. I guess I'm old school. I like maps.


another good thing which u don't actually take with u but could well save your life is to let someone know roughly where you will going.


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I also think that 20L minimum of water is important. Either you or the car may need it at any given drink, to fill radiator, to wash out an unexpected wound.......etc


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Another thing many people forget......
I've seen folks with 2, even 3 spare wheels & they're no good to em coz they've left the key to their lock nuts in the shed :D

I've seen this 2 or 3 times now. I've even done it myself but I've been within 2hrs of home. Now I leave it in the glove box.


Thats a real good place to put it Sharky as the lock nuts are usually on the car not in the shed at home, HA HAA! it also makes me wonder how many people put a padlock on their spare wheel and have the keys at home in a safe place.