Equipment and tools to carry (in a Jimny)


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The following is a contribution by Bosanek on the Bigjimny site. Could be useful to compare to your own list of (less than) useful things. My smile turned to a laugh as I worked my way through.

Equipment and tools​

  • First aid kit;
    • Also a knowledge on how to use it;
  • Knowledge of your blood type;
  • Fire extinguisher;
    • Also a knowledge on how to use it;
    • 2 kg size much more useful than 1 kg size;
  • OBD2 code reader and compatible software;
  • 2-way radio receiver/transmitter (with charged batteries);
    • Also a knowledge on how to use it;
    • Check that it is compatible with the local amateur radio communications frequencies and standards;
  • Deep E11 female torx socket and a compatible wrench;
    • For unbolting OEM front vacuum wheel hub heads;
  • Pair of working manual front wheel hub heads;
    • Including spacer rings if needed;
  • 19 mm hex socket and a compatible heavy-duty long bar;
    • For unbolting road wheel nuts;
    • 3/4" connection between the socket and the bar is preferred over a 1/2" connection (for extra strength);
  • 2T or 3T hydraulic bottle jack;
  • Wide wooden block to serve as an additional base for the bottle jack;
    • It has two uses - to increase jack's floatability on soft ground, and to increase the maximum jacking height;
  • Tow strap;
  • Long crow bar;
    • At least 80 cm long;
  • Two foldable shovels / spades;
  • Waffle board;
  • Bag of sand;
  • Axe;
  • Hand wood saw;
  • Small hand metal saw;
    • Useful for cutting down lockers on road ramps, fences and gates;
  • Set of hand tools (two types of pliers, french key, combination knife, etc.);
  • Set consisting of a small 1/4" ratchet, sockets and various bits (minus, plus, star, male hex, etc.);
  • Heavy duty waterproof hand gloves;
  • Lightweight hand gloves;
  • Garbage bags;
  • Foil blanket;
  • Picnic blanket;
  • Miniature foldable picnic chairs;
  • Rain poncho;
  • Umbrella;
  • Paper towels and wet wipes;
  • Bungee fasteners;
  • Vehicle "jump starting" cables;
  • Tyre air compressor, 12 V DC;
  • Tyre air deflator tool;
  • Tyre valve core removal tool;
  • Tyre air pressure measurement tool;
  • Tyre puncture repair kit;
  • Electrical insulation tape;
  • Duct tape;
  • Cable ties;
  • Set of matches;
  • Flint stone;
  • Vacuumed dry fruit;
  • Bottled water;
  • "Power" candy food;
  • Air activated hand/feet warmers;
  • LED torch;
  • Compass;
  • Knee-deep rubber boots (used by miners, fishermen, etc.);
  • Anti-Diarrhea pills;
  • Anti-fever pills;
  • Cyanide pills;
    • Useful when being hopelessly stuck or broken down in a remote area with slim chances of survival;
  • Miniature holy book;
  • World-wide assortment of amulets and talismans;
  • Cash for bribing police patrols;
  • Pack of condoms;
  • Geiger counter;
  • Land mine / metal detector;
  • Pepper spray;
  • Knuckle breaker fist tool;
  • Baseball bat;
  • Bayonette or combat knife;
  • Pistol with a loaded full ammo magazine;
  • Sawed off shotgun with a pack of ammo;
    • A regular shotgun is too long to fit inside Jimny's cabin ...
  • Box of hand grenades;
  • Bullet proof vest;
  • Helmet;
  • Gas mask;

If the vehicle has properly rated heavy duty off-road recovery points and lifting points, then add these to the list:
  • Snatch strap or kinetic energy recovery rope (KERR);
    • Minimum breaking strength (MBT) preferably between 3T and 6T;
  • Omega shackles or soft shackles;
    • Working load limit (WLL) of at least 3T;
  • Rope recoil surpressors (or heavy blankets);
  • High lift jack;

If the vehicle has a high mounted engine air intake snorkel installed and if you intend to wade it through very deep water:
  • Face breathing snorkel;
  • Captain's license for sailing marine vessels;
  • Life jacket;
  • Sailor's hat;
  • Sailor's tobacco smoking pipe;
  • One black eye patch;
  • Small keg of rum;
  • Shoulder mounted parrot with foul language behavior;


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Probably add:

Toyota 70 Series single cab: to carry the Jimny that is carrying all that stuff.

(It isn't a post without a Toyota or a LR being mentioned!) ;)


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Just drive it and hire cabin on the destenation.
However how prepare you are IF it your time is your time can’t avoid it