EOI July 14th run


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And so it starts.......


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Thanks to all who come out for the weekend. Had a really good time both on the tracks and at camp. Good to see old and new faces!

Only a few recoveries.....

Trip report to come!!!!


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looking from the outside, if i had my roof rack on with stuff on it i reckon i might have gone over there ! :eek:

I don't reckon it would have taken much at all for you to go the rest of the way. Glad all ended well.

Also thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome on my first trip.
Sorry I couldn't stick around. Had my motorbike for sale on gumtree and the bastard didnt turn up anyway.

cheers Luthy for organizing and thanks to Daniel ( I hope I'm remembering right (Mini Rudy) for taking the camera for me during my runs.