Engineers Bridge, Holsworthy

As we approached the bridge straight out of a Tarzan movie, all ropes and wooden slats, with a 300' drop, our Captain said pointing at the sign, ALL PERSONAL MUST DISEMBARK BEFORE CROSSING, RIGHTO, everybody out, 12 personal jumped off the 6x6 International tractor ( Australian Army calls artillery trucks - tractors) (why?) who knows?. The Captain turns to me, right gunner, off you go.

There I went, crawling over this rope bridge, speedo not even registering, as I got to the centre of bridge, it starts to sway, oh great, mumbling to myself, as the bridge swings about a metre off centre, all the while still pushing ahead, hate to imagine if there was a wind, as I crawled off the bridge, I lit a ciggie to calm my nerves, looking down the ravine as the rest started walking across.

As the Captain came towards me, he asked if I was alright. Just a bit jumpy, I replied. Sir, why do they have to get off? Well, it's like this gunner,
if the bridge collapses, we only lose a gunner and a tractor, simple logic don't you think. RIGHTO, smokes out, everybody climb on board and off we went on our adventure.

From what I've heard, the Engineers have demolished the bridge, good thing I took a photo.