Engine turning off and on and DSC Light


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Hi Guys! Long time reader, first time poster.

I’ve got a decent knowledge on my Mazda BT50 2013, but I’ve hit a problem that’s stumped me and everyone who’s looked at it.

Only when the car is cold (within the first 2-3 minutes of starter up) when driven around a corner and only around a corner it will begin the issues, the engine cuts out very quickly and temporarily a few times in a row (within 2 seconds of each other) and the battery (alternator light) and oil pressure light comes on while the engine has cut out (almost feels like a switch cuts the engine for 1/5 a second) kind of like watching a movie when someone leaves the handbrake on and the car Bonnie hops down the road! It only happens when cold, and if left to idle for 5 minutes before driving it will be issue free. This will happen more and more regularly over a 4 week period and then it will become almost un-drivable until it has a longer than normal engine malfunction (around 1/2 second) and the DSC light comes on, after this the car drives normally until turned off. When turned back on after the DSC had been lite, the car will be fine for around 2 weeks and then start the cycle again.

Here’s the weird bit. Scan codes are telling us i have high head pressure in my 12th cylinder... yep, the 12th. And that i have DPF issues (my car was before DPF’s) and the DSC light. No one i speak to has ever seen it before or knows what to do.
I have had someone tell me it was the CAS sensor, but all the research i have done on CAS sensors shows nothing with the DSC light or the engine skipping a few beats in a row until warm. And also the ABS has been checked and that also came up fine.

After any information or help on this that anyone can give. I’m stumped.

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The alternator light and oil pressure probably come on because the motor isn't turning them, so Volts and oil pressure drop and the lights come on, so they might be leading you down the wrong path.... maybe not.

Something to look at is the loom that runs across the front of the motor. The loom has been known to chafe on the sharp edge of the timing chain cover where it can short and cause random intermittent electrical issues.

Fuel filter is properly sealed and the drain closed off? Its self purging, but air in the fuel system can cause it to cut out, but won't, well shouldn't) be giving weird sensor readings.

Crank Angle Sensor can do some random stuff if its loose or dirty. Might be worth crawling under the car and checking the bolt. Mine was loose, so now its loctited in. More than a few Rangers went to the dealer with the CAS having fallen out.

Mine played up and gave me all sorts warning lights and lost power which after a week culminated in check engine, Drive-train warning light, DSC, a couple of other lights, an engine that barely ran and a tilt tray to the dealer.

They pulled the entire induction system apart, blamed it on a EGR blanking plate and handed me a bill. Apart from blowing a intercooler hose, I haven't had an issue since.... even though the plate got installed again a few months later.


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Possible broken wire somewhere in the engine bay. Could be once there's enough temp under the bonnet loom or wire becomes a bit more supple allowing it to maintain contact. Could even be a wire in the back of a plug. Most electronic problems seem to do the opposite, causing a problem when hot.


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Sounds like a tricky one,
Wish I could help but had no problems with anything so far .
Wish you luck .
Cheers Rick


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I got out of it surprisingly well considering that I had no real proof it wasn't down to me messing with it.

A flat bed 45km to the dealer,
XTR (the top spec) BT50 dual cab for a week as a loan car ,
a claimed 12hrs labor

It also had a code for a failed Bluetooth module, not that I'd noticed, so they replaced under warranty that while they had it

I paid it and got out of there before they noticed the saw dust from hauling firewood and that when my dog had split her nose on a dog food tin and it wouldn't stop bleeding, while I was searching the shed for super glue gel, she was in there sniffing the alloy side steps and the squirted and sneezed out blood had etched into the anodized finish.