Endless Air

red hilux

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who here has a genuine endless air from endless air??

Seriously thinking about installing a unit into my Prado.

Regarding maintenance, how often do you squeeze more grease into the unit?? Couple pumps after every use?? They say 3-4 pumps every 5k service, more often with heavier usage.

Is it possible to put too much grease in it??

Anything else I may be missing?

red hilux

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another question

if you need to put grease in it regularly ( for lubrication ) , where does the grease go? Down the lines, in the pressure switch, in the tyres eventually?


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it will have a grease nipple on the compressor, 2 pumps every 3 -5 hours of use cause they come with a timer, but i do it when i'm under the car

red hilux

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I’m thinking that their is only a couple things I want to do to my Prado

Late model hilux bonnet scoop
Intercooler upgrade
Endless air
Alt upgrade
Maybe dump pipe to the stock exhaust ( rear muffler has already been changed to high flow )


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Aren't they just an aircon compressor with a grease nipple screwed in to lubricate them as there no longer got the gas to cool and lube. Would be pretty simlpe to make.

red hilux

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yeah they are

its 395 for my car ( plus postage I think ) and thats for the complete kit including belts, brackets . i just need to do pressure switch and electricals


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I made one on my old fj45 years ago, i used an old electric clutch air conditioner pump and an old primus porta gas bottle, put a switch on the dash to turn it on and off & a pressure release valve on the bottle, whole setup cost $80 am still thinking about doing the same on my ute :) it worked really well & when beach driving i could air back up in almost the same time it took at the petrol station.


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Yeah, but it can keep up with 4 x 1/2" rattle guns in case you need that in the bush.
For the amount of times the average person would need an air operated rattle gun and constant supply of air to run it I have been using one of these for around 7 yrs on wheel nuts and other things.

For power supply it has battery clips, lighter socket I also made an Anderson plug adaptor it can be used on any ones vehicle if I need to help some one change a wheel faster.


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Well I was joking about the 4 rattle guns but I had one of those 12v ones.

They are too large, too slow and stuff the wheel nuts. I change my Muddy set of wheels over with the AT's regulary. That thing ruined the wheel nuts and was so bloody slow.It urned a 20 minute job into a 40 minute job.

Errrrrrrrrrrrr Clunk errrrrrrrr Clunk. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr clunk. Those that have one whill be familiar with this sound.

Mine went in the bin.

Even a ryobi is 100 times better.
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20 minutes how many wheels are you changing in that time a dozen or more it takes less than 2 minutes at a guise haven't timed it though to remove and replace 1 wheel using the wrench. I have same wheel nuts in the 7yrs I've been using it no problem with them it's fast enough I'm not using it in a pit lane on a racing car.