Endless Air


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Hi all,
I am fitting up an Endless Air compressor to my 80 series 1hz. Before I start cutting into things I was wondering if anyone has fitted one of these compressors and if they had any charging problems. It seems the fan belts will only be in contact with less than a 1/4 of the circumference of the alternator pulley and as I do a lot of night driving I am not sure the belts will not slip under the load of the Driving lights ect.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I know of a couple of guys who use there airconditioning compressor for endless air... works a treat too



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Thanks robz.
Do you have any problem running the compressor on one belt?
I think I should have moved mine a bit further forward and used the single belt instead of using the twin belts on the alternator.
It should be fitted by the end of this week end and I will see how it works if it not satisfactory I may try moveing it forward.


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Hi Spook.
I don't have endless air myself.
Found that link while researching for it.
Might get around to fit one some day.
Good luck with you set up.
Cheers Rob.