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FYI. Indicator clicked empty when entering the servo, filled up with 78.19 litres, if the tank is a true 80 litre tank that would mean there was 1.8 litres left, based on my consumption, 13.5 l /100, vehicle is used for work and i estimate it has a 300kg payload, then i would have only 13.3 km range left.
Have read articles that there are at least 10 litres left in the tank when it shows empty which to my experience is not true, unless the tank is over sized and i would not trust Ford doing any more than they have to
Moral of story, make sure you fill up when you can!


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Not sure on yours but on mine basic tank is 80l, but the vehicle holds about 10l in the system.... So first fill is 90l. The shape of the tank in the pathfinder does mean anything under 1/4 of a tank on a slope for prolonged times will evade the pick-up point so the light comes on early as a precaution.


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When the light comes on on my 79 there is still 30 litres left out of a 130 litre tank


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Ahh! the story of when a tank is 'full', how much fuel does the tank truly hold?, and how much fuel is left when the warning lights/messages come on? :) I've given up on relying on fuel gauges over the years (regardless of the vehicle).
You can often fit a couple extra litres of fuel in the tank (and filler pipe) in if you wish, once the servo bowser has at first cut-off; so good luck determining exactly how empty the tank was. Tanks sometimes have a dent or two in them that will make a difference. Only way I have found is to run your vehicle to when the warning light comes on and make a note of that (km); fill up at that point to when the fuel outlet/servo station pump first cuts off; and work it out from there (as an approximate guide to how much fuel you may have left). I've worked out that when my warning light comes on I've about 80 - 100 km left. I always play safe and fill up regularly. And if I'm outback and travelling long distances between fuel outlets I'll always have spare fuel in a jerry can. Why wouldn't you!?


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There is some reserved for an air/expansion and the filler neck, so you can fit more than 80L in a 80L tank


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I thought my 07 BT had a 70ltr tank have to check the book again but when the light comes on it takes around 55lts so it's not been set correctly from factory.

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I thought h my 120 prado had 180 litre tank.
Light comes on, never put in more that 160 litres.
Feels like it’s only 150-160 usable


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They often come on early to protect the fuel pump overheating or from running dry as well. The fuel itself acts as a heat sink for the pump, so if you're reducing the level regularly beyond the warning light, particularly if going to it's almost actually empty, you could be causing damage.

Various reasons for warning light level setting, not just the inconvenience of running out of fuel.

For the OP. That sounds very low for the warning light. Likely there is some reserve capacity but couldn't say for sure.


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As @Outrage says, a percentage of the fuel is returned to the tank after it has been used to cool the high pressure pump. Critical to keep the pump’s temperature down. Logic says that with less fuel in tank, the hotter the fuel left in the tank gets.