Employee crushes own work ute with haul truck.

From what I've heard there is a bit more to this story that hasn't been mentioned. Old mate parked his car next to the truck to fix it. Once repaired he called the control room in Perth to hand it back. They asked him to move the truck, probably to get it back into the "run" as its a robot truck. If its in the run they can control it and send it back into auto mode. Old mate wasn't passed out to operate the truck and mentioned this to the control room. They told him its OK, he can move it. I think in this process he was all caught up in having to move it without being trained and forgot where he parked the car. Its drummed into you to not operate something you are not passed out to do so I have no idea why the control room would tell him to move it.

Joe Fury

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Quite an amazing set of circumstances, but these days with 'Control room joy stick jockey's' usually more than 1200 kilometres away calling the shots, this is always possible and it's a very similar scenario with the BHP runaway ore train.

This squashed ute is petty cash in Dollars terms to the runaway train, but in true Monty Python fashion these so called big miners just get up, brush off whatever crap is on them sack a few people then continue unimpeded until it all happens again.

Back in the 1980's and 90's the Iron Ore mining industry battled the much maligned Union organizations, the unions and mining the companies were dead set pricks at the best of times, there were always petty grievances and grubby tactics on both sides and if the Union hierarchy could convince the majority membership their/our demands were not met, it was on for young and old though not all skirmishes were for higher pay either, some were on behalf of employees who did a specific task or job, because there were moves at the time to have untrained person(s) or scabs ready to do the job, just because it would be quicker, getting a machine back on the 'go line' NOW and not having to wait for an specialist test driver or plant operator to come and move the machine, once the machine was handed back to production it was smarter to get the hell out of that area, it's far safer.

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I was told about this site (4x4earth.com) by a bloke I've known for 50 years or so. We worked together, lived within cooee of each other and had some monumental 4 x 4 experiences back in the 70s. And low behold, he's Joe Fury!!
Great to see him sharing his knowledge and experiences with the world. He certainly knows what he's talking about.
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