Emmum says hi


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Hi everyone,
Great site - can't wait to see more track maps...
New to the site as of today - I am a mum of 4 and drive a Mitsubishi Delica (stop laughing you 'cruiser and patrol owners!!) which we haven't done anything to other than a snorkel, heavy duty bash plate, cooper st's and racks with open sky awning (which is fantastic by the way).
We are hoping to travel around Australia from Victoria in April - love any tips anyone might have.
Wish list for the car (if we can't get a 'cruiser or patrol - I know..):
Suspension and springs upgraded - extra 2" lift with 33" tyres
Long range fuel tank
Basket for roof
Rear air lockers one day...
Have to say I love the Delica but I am still unsure about her underbody clearance, ramp over and body height (ie rollover..)
Anyway enough from me - looking forward to reading everyone's adventures and hints.


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gudday emmum, yeah its a great little site with loads of potential. im looking forward to watching it grow...
welcome to the forum.




Hi emmum,

Great to see another Mum on the site. I have 2 children under the age of 4 and the kids really enjoy 4 wheel driving. We drive a Jeep Patriot so I know what you mean about the clearance level as we were driving today and I was cringing every time we heard bump, bump, scrape from underneath.

Do you get to go out 4 wheel driving much? I hope you have fun on the site.




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Welcome to the forum - sounds like your Delicia is well kitted out already for the big trip.
There was one on the forum that had been driven across Russia & was doing a lap of Oz.


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Not sure if I'm reading this right, but it looks like you're all welcoming a member that originally posted their intro in January 2008....


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It would be much easier in the new Forum if the joining date was plastered near the Avitar like in the old site & I also liked the Postcode or Town/Suburb to see where they came from.