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Hi all,
We are headin up to Emerald in Sept/October and would love to know if there is any tracks up there. Obviously fossiking will be on the agenda along with other activities,
compared to the black stuff. If you can help in way of plots, tracks, ect would be appreciated or just some good old fashion advice. Thanks in advance.

Email ozi tracks to quozie@optusnet.com.au


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Hey Quozie, not sure if you have been there before or not, but i would suggest staying at Rubyvale as we found it much nicer than Sapphire. Rubyvale caravan park was a nice little spot with lots of bird life that will happily share your breakfast with you. We didn't spend a lot of time there, 3 nights but we had a good look around, the Rubyvale pub was a nice place and meals were quite good too and so was the beer. As time didn't really permit we weren't looking for any decent tracks, however the terrain out there would be good if you have the time to look for them.

My suggestion for a fossic would be Miners Heritage at Rubyvale and the tour they do is very informative and interesting.

Hope you find some tracks



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Was up there a few years ago and agree with 4x4junki to stay in Rubyvale. At time of the year it still is coldist at nights but hot in the day. you will need heaps of water and shade if you are looking for stones. The tracks I saw were tame but heaps of them.
Coming back down via Carnarvon is nice too. Some photos up in the link below


Quozie, Keep in touch with the details. Wouldn't mind a trip out that way. Be good to see you again too.



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I have been looking through the Department of Mining and Safety... they have some basic maps of the designated fossicking areas, and some of those maps have 4wd tracks marked on them. They say most the road/tracks there while unformed, are suitable for conventional vehicles, but the ones marked 4wd are definately more serious.
Here is the link I was using to browse their PDF's...

Fossicking areas | Mining and safety | Queensland Government


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Too many years since I was up there, and Clermont, but some tracks to the south west of Emerald/Springsure will take you into sort of the back of the Canarvan george.

West of SpringSure there is road that will you take to the springs that feed the Nogo River. I got seriously bogged on the way out and had walk out to a property, but ended up with a day of photographing stud bulls about a month later. I was flown out and back for the day and the day after the property owner's son phoned to ask if I smelt avgas when he dropped me off at Emerald. I said no; why? I crashed the plane on the way home was the answer :eek:. The plane had just been serviced in Rockhampton and a fuel line was not tightened properly!! :eek: He was OK and he did well to belly land in a grassy paddock. Now if we did that aerial photography job on the the way home the story would have ended very different!! My wife and staff said I went very quiet for the day after that phone call!!

So back to the question>>try to contact a 4x4 club [councils have contact numbers for clubs] at emerald/springsure as they would certainly know of those tracks.

Beautiful country up the way and now I'm starting to feel a bit "home sick"

Not a 4x4 track but you could go from The gem fields around [NE] to Capela. Used to be a very rough road.
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